2016 Project Fund Program

The 2016 round of the MTPConnect Project Fund Program provided $7.4 million of funding for 14 national projects in the medtech, biotech and pharmaceutical (MTP) sector, leveraging over $15.38 million in industry partner funds.

Following the release of the Draft Sector Competitiveness Plan in July 2016, the selected projects are delivering results on a national scale, set to have sector-wide impact, and are aligned with MTPConnect’s Sector Growth Priorities as defined in its Sector Competitiveness Plan. View the 2016 projects below and in the right-hand menu for more detail, and download the 2016 Project Fund Program Overview.

2016 Project Snapshot

Project Title Description Lead Applicant Other Participants Value
Industry Mentoring Network in STEM (IMNIS) program Aiming to narrow the cultural gap that exists in Australia between business and academia through a program that will develop a national mentoring program linking PhD students with qualified industry mentors. Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering AusBiotech Fund Contribution: $200,000 Partner contribution: $210,000

Project Value: $410,000

The Actuator To leverage Australia’s existing industry and research capabilities in the acceleration of new high-value, medical device technology development opportunities through a number of focused, 15-month actuator programs. STC Australia Artesian Venture Partners Fund Contribution: $1,100,000 Partner contribution: $8,000,000

Project Value: $9,100,000

Upgrade CSIRO Protein Production Platform Aiming to upgrade the CSIRO (Clayton) protein production platform to human GMP capability for pilot-scale (<=200L) for a variety of expression systems (mammalian/yeast/ bacterial) as well as scale-up of cells. Will include a training program for post graduate study. CSIRO Monash University Fund Contribution: $1,100,000 Partner contribution: $1,100,000

Project Value: $2,200,000

Clinical Trials Impact Quality (CT:IQ) CT:IQ aims to develop and implement recommendations that will improve the impact, quality and efficiency of clinical trials, leading to more rapid, lower cost and higher quality evaluation of healthcare interventions in Australia. This project will engage the clinical trial industry in Australia to determine the actions needed to strengthen Australia as an attractive clinical trial research destination. The project will determine at least two activities in year one and three in year two as a focus to achieve an improved national clinical trial sector. Bellbery ACTA, NHMRC CTC and The George Institute; with 25 organisations representing the diverse clinical trials sector Fund Contribution: $370,000
Partner Contribution $430,000

Project Value: $800,000
BioFab3D@ACMD Support for BioFab3D@ACMD, a robotics and biomedical engineering centre, embedded within a hospital. Researchers, clinicians, engineers and industry partners will work alongside each other with a vision to build biological structures such as organs, bones, brain, muscle, nerves and glands. St Vincent’s Hospital (Melbourne) Limited University of Melbourne, University of Wollongong, Swinburn University of Technology, RMIT University, Stryker Australia Pty Ltd Fund Contribution: $1,100,000 Partner Contribution: $1,274,864

Project Value: $2,374,864

Global Investment Program for Life Sciences Comprehensive global investment program for the Australian life science sector – companies, investors and researchers. AusBiotech Ltd ASX; Dibbs Barker; WEBuchan; KPMG Fund Contribution: $400,000

Partner contribution: $400,000

Project Value: $800,000

ANDHealth Creating a world leading, national, integrated ecosystem for the development, commercialisation and implementation of evidence-based digital health technologies in Australia. ANDHealth Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, RMIT University, Planet Innovation, Curve Tomorrow, Allens, Potential(x), HealthXL, HPM Executive & AusBiotech Fund Contribution: $900,000 Partner contribution: $900,000

Project Value: $1,800,000

Australian Centre for Regenerative Medicine An Australian hub of Canada’s Commercialisation Centre for Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) will support the development of foundational technologies to accelerate the commercialisation of regenerative medicine products and therapies. Monash University CSIRO, CCRM Canada, Cell Therapies, St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research, AusBiotech Ltd

Fund Contribution: $200,000

Partner contribution: $500,000

Project Value: $700,000

Hit ID platform Build on a national framework to provide Australian drug discovery organisations access to a comprehensive Hit ID platform that includes: a fit for purpose drug discovery library (up to 300,000 compounds); an ultra-high throughput screening facility; fragment based drug design capability; and a state of the art software platform for in silico drug discovery. Cancer Therapeutics CRC Pty Ltd (CTx) UniQuest, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI), Children’s Cancer Institute (CCI), Griffith University / Compounds Australia Fund Contribution: $1,100,000 Partner contribution: $1,384,290

Project Value: $2,484,290

Pilot Implementation of the Australasian Tele-Trial Model COSA has developed a national guide for implementation of the Australasian Tele-Trial Model in consultation with clinical trial sponsors, clinicians, health administrators and regulatory bodies. This project will implement a feasible and effective tele-health strategy to increase access to clinical trials closer to home, while at the same time ensuring the proper conduct of cancer clinical trials. Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA)

Rare Cancers Australia, Cancer Voices Australia, Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine (AITHM), The Garvan Institute of Medical Research, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI), Icon Group, c/‐Icon Consolidated Holdings P/L, St John of God Hospital, Medicines Australia, AbbVie Pty Ltd, Janssen, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Australia Pty Ltd, Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd.

Fund Contribution: $115,000

Partner contribution: $230,000

Project Value: $345,000

National Medical Device Partnering Program (NMDPP) Initial scoping of the roll out of a National Medical Device Partnering Program (NMDPP) to bring together research, clinical and industry partners in a streamlined process for collaboration and product development. Flinders University of South Australia CSIRO, STC Australia, MTAA

Fund Contribution: $150,000

Partner contribution: $150,000

Project Value: $300,000

Vaccine Research in Australia: Landscaping capabilities and relevant services

Project to assist in landscaping Australia’s vaccine research capabilities and relevant services for the use by the whole MTP sector in a searchable database. Australia’s first national Vaccine conference. Vaxine Pty Ltd Mylexa Pty Ltd, Australian Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Institute Ltd

Fund Contribution: $250,000

Partner contribution: $250,000

Project Value: $500,000

The Bridge Program

A consortium of 15 companies, universities and industry associations that aims to transfer practical skills on pharmaceutical commercialisation through online and residential training in drug discovery and development, and direct exposure to industry practitioners in the scientific, legal, financial, clinical, regulatory and reimbursement disciplines that contribute to the commercialising of medicines.

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Abbvie, Amgen, Australian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association Limited, Bristol-Myers Squibb Australia, Medical Research Commercialisation Fund, Boehringer Ingelheim, Celgene, CSL Limited, Janssen-Cilag, Macquarie University, Medicines Australia, Merck Sharp & Dohme (Australia), Mundipharma, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Fund Contribution: $540,000

Partner contribution: $540,000

Project Value: $1,080,000

Accelerating Australia

A national consortium for translational medical technology and pharmaceuticals research and training. Small grant offered for scoping / development project on governance and national collaboration work.

Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation (CERI)

The University of Western Australia, Monash University, University of Sydney, SPARK Co-Lab Ltd, University of Technology Sydney, Proteomics International Limited, Orthocell Ltd, St John of God Healthcare, Avita Medical, The University of Adelaide, Murdoch University, Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, Telethon Kids Institute, Lions Eye Institute, Ear Science Institute Australia, Perron Institute for Neurological and Translational Science Limited

Fund Contribution: $150,000

Partner contribution: $150,000

Project Value: $300,000

Biofabrication Institute

Support for a biofabrication research centre located on a hospital campus utilising 3D digital scanning, modelling and advanced manufacturing technologies. Initially scanning and modelling ears for children with Microtia.

Queensland University of Technology

Hear and Say, Metro North Hospital and Health Service

Fund Contribution: $100,000

Partner contribution: $300,000

Project Value: $400,000

Clinical Trial Improvement Initiative

Clinical Trial Improvement Initiative - based on the a US model with a vision for a whole of sector approach to improve the quality, efficiency and impact of clinical trials.

Bellberry Ltd

To be signed with 28 industry partners

Fund Contribution: $370,000