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Pictured: Monash Vision Group Director Professor Arthur Lowery, MTPConnect Chair Sue MacLeman, MTAA CEO Ian Burgess and Monash Vision Group Professor Jeffery Rosenfeld in April 2018 at the launch of BioMedTech Horizons in Melbourne.

Monash Vision Group (MVG) has developed a wireless Brain-Machine Interface (BMI). Brain-Machine Interfaces offer the potential to bypass damage to nerves and neural pathways, restoring function to affected areas of the brain. 

MVG’s Brain-Machine Interface has been implemented in a cortical vision prosthesis that is designed to bypass damage to the visual pathway and restore basic vision.

This project will provide funding to assist the transition between preclinical and clinical programs, allowing the utility of the visual prosthesis to be demonstrated. A company will be established to manufacture MVG’s Brain-Machine Interface and commercialise the visual prosthesis. The aim of this company is to bring the product to market by 2021 to address the unmet need of a treatment for complete blindness.

There are an estimated 50,600 legally blind individuals in Australia. For those suffering from complete blindness, the treatments options are limited. Trials of retinal prosthetic implants have demonstrated that some useful vision be restored, but these are appropriate for less than 1% of the legally blind population. MVG’s cortical vision prosthesis has been designed to treat a range of blindness causes, such as glaucoma and optic nerve damage, which are not suitable for retinal implants. The successful commercialisation of this technology will establish Australia as an exporter of implantable medical devices, and global market leader in BMI manufacturing.

Beyond vision, the company’s long-term goal is to develop MVG’s brain machine interface to treat damage to other neural pathways, allowing potential therapies for paralysis, sensory loss, and control of prosthetic limbs.

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