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Healthcare workers (HCWs) face exposure to infection when caring for patients with respiratory infections, such as COVID-19, influenza and tuberculosis. 

Several essential respiratory treatments increase aerosol generation, forcing healthcare policymakers and individual HCWs into a choice between patient care and HCW safety.

The patient isolation hood is an Australian developed technology that protects HCWs from COVID-19 and reduces viral levels in the immediate surroundings. Furthermore, this device provides for better patient respiratory treatment, reducing the need for invasive ventilation.

The isolation hood is effective, comfortable, reusable and poised for rapid refinement for urgent supply to Australian hospitals/clinics/GP surgeries, and beyond.

Through collaboration between the University of Melbourne/Western Health and Evan Evans, the hood will be brought to market within 12 months.

BTB Round: Three

State: Victoria

Project Partners: Evan Evans Pty Ltd, Western Health & CSIRO 


  • MTPConnect Grant: $690,000
  • Industry Contribution: $1,924,487

Duration: September 2020 – December 2021

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Contact: Prof. Jason Monty