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Pictured: depiction of the Carbon Cybernetics implant. Four independent carbon fibre arrays record activity form different areas of the brain and relay data to the hub for processing and wireless transmission. Inset show a magnification of the 2x2 mm array.

Project Title: High resolution cortical recording for the prediction and prevention of epileptic seizures.

Epilepsy is a debilitating condition affecting a quarter of a million people in Australia alone.

The most debilitating factor of epilepsy is not knowing when seizures will occur. Carbon Cybernetics have developed a unique, high-resolution, carbon fibre electrode array for recording brain activity. We are using this array to monitor brain state and accurately record seizure occurrences. Personalized brain activity profiles will developed enabling forecasting of seizure likelihood and ultimately precise prediction of seizure occurrence. 

Armed with this knowledge, therapies can be better targeted to only those times when they are needed, increasing effectiveness, and lowering seizure rates.

BMTH Round: Three

State: Victoria

Project Partners: Gezell Inc


  • MTPConnect Grant: $999,676
  • Industry Contribution: $383,970

Duration: October 2020 - March 2023

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Contact: Steven Prawer