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Pictured: The award-winning Seer Sense™ is a wearable EEG and ECG device used in Seer's epilepsy diagnostics service. 

Project Title: Personalised seizure forecasting via mobile and wearable monitoring

Researchers at Seer are developing a ground-breaking seizure forecasting system using new smartwatch sensor technology. The research will empower people living with epilepsy to gain control of their condition.

Over 140,000 Australians face the daily prospect of experiencing debilitating seizures. Epileptic seizures interrupt normal brain function and can lead to loss of bodily control, consciousness, and even life. The
constant uncertainty limits the ability to participate in everyday life experiences like working,  exercising, and driving.

Seer has uncovered the existence of strong patient-specific cycles in physiological biomarkers that are related to seizure risk. Seer hypothesise that the cycles are driven by naturally occurring physiological changes, which could be detected using wearables. 

The ability to track cycles of seizure risk via non-invasive wearable devices has the potential to radically transform the management of epilepsy by:

  1. Empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their health,
  2. Providing tailored seizure forecasts to each individual that reduces the burden of disease, and
  3. Providing clinicians with objective and actionable data to
    improve patient outcomes.

        Seer, a medical technology company specialising in the diagnosis and management of epilepsy, will lead the project with research partners at the University of Melbourne. This project leverages decades of research and industry-led investment into epilepsy care to provide a novel, life-changing technology to benefit individuals living with epilepsy, and to boost the Australian BioMedTech sector.

        BMTH Round: Three

        State: Victoria

        Project Partner: The University of Melbourne


        • MTPConnect Grant: $926,690
        • Industry Contribution: $475,818

        Duration: October 2020 - March 2023

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        Contact: Ewan Nurse