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Pictured: the FerroTrace magnetic nanoparticles and FerroMag magnetic probe.

Project Title: Improving Colorectal Cancer Outcomes with Hybrid Cancer Tracers

Ferronova, in collaboration with the University of Sydney, the University of South Australia, and Victoria University of New Zealand, have developed FerroTrace, a new super-paramagnetic iron-oxide nanoparticle (SPION) to improve staging and radiotherapy in colorectal cancer.

The spread of cancer to nearby lymph nodes is a critical prognostic indicator in cancer and informs adjuvant therapy. Micro-metastasis (<2mm) in lymph nodes are difficult to detect with medical imaging missing 90% and colorectal surgery/pathology missing up to 25%. 

FerroTrace is designed to direct the surgeons to the correct lymph nodes to sample and enable pathology to perform a more detailed analysis.

The feasibility and accuracy of staging of a new hybrid version of FerroTrace will be investigated in colorectal cancer in a collaboration with the Ingham Institute.

BMTH Round: Three

State: South Australia

Project Partners: University of Sydney, University of South Australia & Ingham Institute


  • MTPConnect Grant: $826,000
  • Industry Contribution: $1,670,000

Duration: October 2020 - March 2023

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Contact: Stewart Bartlett