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Project Title: Compact Wireless Technology for Improved Accuracy During Breast Conserving Surgery 

OncoRes Medical was founded at the intersection of medicine, science and humanity to improve the accuracy of breast conserving surgery and eliminate the physical, psychological and economic burdens associated with repeat operations.

In this project, OncoRes Medical is developing next-generation compact wireless technology for improvement in the accuracy during breast conserving surgery.

Among women, breast cancer is the most common cancer, the second most common cause of death from cancer and a leading cause of premature death. Each year, around 19,500 women in Australia and 2 million women around the world are diagnosed with breast cancer. The majority of those women will elect a breast conserving surgery to excise the tumour and preserve the appearance and function of their breast. However, due to the limitations of technologies available to oncology surgeons today, the cancer will not be completely removed in many of those patients, committing 1 in 5 of them to a repeat operation.

Their passion for helping patients focusses us on what remains in the patient, not what has already been removed. The highly accurate in-cavity imaging system that we are developing uniquely intensifies a surgeons’ sense of touch, improving detection of residual tumour in the surgical cavity and providing surgeons with confidence that no residual cancer remains in the breast.

They believe that all breast cancer patients deserve the opportunity to move beyond their breast cancer surgery knowing that all the cancer has been removed, the first time. In everything they do, they are thinking about how they can inch closer to a world free from re-excisions... they are going BEYOND BREAST CANCER.

BMTH Round: Three

State: Western Australia

Project Partner: BRITElab (University of Western Australia)


  • MTPConnect Grant: $1,000,000
  • Industry Contribution: $149,883

Duration: October 2020 - September 2022 

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Contact: Dr Kath Giles

Case Study: OncoRes Medical Helps Get Surgeons in Touch