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Project Title: Development of miniature, low-energy wireless power and data transmission systems for implantable medical devices 

Hemideina is creating a paradigm shift in the treatment of severe-to-profound hearing loss to provide patients with a world of sound, and a life without limits.

Only 3% of the world’s severe-to-profoundly deaf have received treatment, highlighting a clear, unmet medical need. Additionally, whilst a cochlear implant is the standard of care for such hearing loss, contemporary devices have technical limitations that preclude a natural sound quality. This is because they use digital processing of sound, to restore human hearing, which is a mechanical system. These devices are also large, requiring lifestyle adjustments and providing a visible indicator of hearing loss.

By taking inspiration from nature, Hemideina is creating a paradigm shift in the treatment of severe-to-profound hearing loss – the Hera Wireless Implant System - to increase adoption of and accessibility to treatment. Our unique mechanical signal processing system is the foundational technology that has enabled a miniature, low powered device that sits within the ear. And, unlike digital sound processing, retains all sound information, which is required by the brain to achieve a natural sound quality and improved clinical benefit.

A challenge within all implantable medical devices, is how to provide a wireless link that will send sufficient power, and maximum data to the implant from the external component. Contemporary cochlear implants have a wireless transfer efficiency of 25%, and use a single link for data and power, which reduces the data bandwidth available. Hemideina is tackling this challenge by adopting a unique approach to power and data transfer for our Hera Wireless Implant System, to maximize the benefits of our mechanical sound processing, and provide increased power transfer efficiency. The project outcomes will have profound benefit for the field of implantable medical devices, as well as providing a paradigm shift in cochlear implant treatment. 

BMTH Round: Three

State: Victoria

Project Partner: CSIRO (Data 61)


  • MTPConnect Grant: $660,520
  • Industry Contribution: $594,832

Duration: October 2020 - September 2022

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Contact: Liz Williams