Research Projects: Round 2

Round 2 Research Projects

TTRA Round 2 Research Projects address one of the following Priority Areas:

  • Priority 1: Atherosclerosis, including cerebrovascular disease
  • Priority 2: Cardiomyopathy and heart failure
  • Priority 3: Obesity as it relates to diabetes
  • Priority 4: Mental health as it relates to diabetes
  • Priority 5: Glucose control in type 1 diabetes (T1D), type 2 diabetes (T2D), double diabetes and/or gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM)

TTRA Round 2 Research Projects recipients announced on 21 October 2022 are:

  • BiVACOR Pty Ltd, QLD, $750,000 award to develop a new, more portable external controller to allow long-term use with its BiVACOR total artificial heart
  • Cardihab Pty Ltd, QLD, $740,153 award to advance its platform and patient-centric smart phone-based app, providing personalised healthcare delivery to improve heart failure outcomes
  • Cyban Pty Ltd, VIC, $700,000 award to apply its innovative brain pulse oximeter technology, as a point of care monitor for earlier detection and treatment of stroke in a hospital setting to prevent long term disability and death
  • Deakin University, VIC, $749,764 award to trial an online education program for prevention, awareness of symptoms, and treatment to reduce hypoglycaemia-related anxiety and improve mental health outcomes in adults with type 1 diabetes
  • Garvan Institute of Medical Research, NSW, $749,979 award to conduct a first-in-human safety and efficacy trial using genetically engineered islet cells to restore glucose in type 1 diabetes
  • Monash University, VIC, $750,000 award to develop a novel adjunctive peptide therapy to lower insulin doses for improved glucose control in the treatment of type 1 diabetes
  • University of Sydney, NSW, $750,000 award to bring oral insulin to phase I clinical studies using a novel quantum dot drug delivery platform
  • University of Sydney, NSW, $749,536 award to progress novel small molecule therapeutics targeting the inflammatory contribution to atherosclerosis, stabilising plaque and preventing heart attack
  • Western Sydney University, NSW, $744,873 award to trial a clinically validated Care Portal providing access to peer support, mental health support and clinical care, empowering young Australians to live well with diabetes

TTRA Round 2 Funding:
Round 2 funding announced in October 2022:  Read the announcement.