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Project title: A hospital-based point of care monitor to provide earlier detection and treatment of stroke, that prevents long term disability and death

More than 12.2 million cases of stroke occur globally every year. The estimated global cost of stroke is over US$721 billion (0.66 per cent of global GDP). Mortality rates are 52 per cent, more than 6.5m people die of stroke annually. 87 per cent of all strokes are ischemic strokes, in which blood flow to the brain is blocked. Brain cells die within minutes if deprived of sufficient oxygen.

When brain hypoxia is detected, treatments to maintain adequate brain oxygen levels and prevent secondary brain injury are straightforward and effective. Evidence confirms that with early detection and treatment of brain hypoxia, patient outcomes are improved, and the risk of long-term disability and death is reduced.

The Brain Pulse Oximeter provides, for the first time, the potential for point of care stroke detection. The Brain Pulse Oximeter uniquely captures the brain pulse and continuously measures brain oxygen and perfusion, non-invasively.

The goal is to improve treatment and outcomes for patients with cerebrovascular disease due to atherosclerosis that results in brain injury from stroke. Assessing the device in three patient groups with increased risk of death and disability from stroke against the gold standard CT scan:

  • Subjects presenting acutely to emergency departments with symptoms of stroke
  • Subjects undergoing elective carotid artery surgery (endarterectomy) for atherosclerotic disease
  • Subjects with sub-arachnoid haemorrhage with symptoms of acute vasospasm

The project will assess the accuracy of the monitor to detect reduced cerebral blood flow, due to stroke and successful stroke treatment with reperfusion in metropolitan and regional stroke centers.

This evidence will provide the rationale for change-in-practice to improve patient outcomes and path to launching into first market.

TTRA Project Round:  Two

State:  Victoria


  • TTRA: $700,000
  • Industry Contribution: $700,006 cash

Duration: September 2022 - August 2024

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