Industry Growth Centres Initiative

MTPConnect is one of six Federal Government Industry Growth Centres. The Australian Govenment highlight an initiative focused on key sectors to promote competitive strength and strategic priority in Australia:

The Initiative is an industry-led approach that is driving innovation, productivity and competitiveness. By focusing on areas of competitive strength and strategic priority, it is helping Australia transition into smart, high-value and export focused industries.

The Initiative is enabling national action on key issues such as deregulation, skills, collaboration and commercialisation. With a focus on accelerating excellence, not dependence, it creates an economy that ensures Australia’s ongoing prosperity.

The Growth Centres are exploring various approaches to addressing barriers to success, the Australian Government has tasked them with looking at four broad themes:

  • Identifying regulations that are unnecessary or over-burdensome for the key growth sectors and impede their ability to grow, and suggesting possible reforms;
  • Improving engagement between research and industry, and within industry, to achieve stronger coordination and collaboration of research and stronger commercialisation outcomes in the key growth sectors;
  • Improving the capability of the key growth sectors to engage with international markets and access global supply chains; and
  • Improving the management and workforce skills of key growth sectors and its participants

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