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Queensland University of Technology


About Queensland University of Technology

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is a leading Australian university with a distinctive national and international reputation for combining academic strength and practical engagement with the professions, industry, government, and the broader community.

QUT's teaching goal is to ensure that graduates possess knowledge, skills, professional competence, a sense of community responsibility, and a capacity to continue their professional development throughout their lives. Research conducted by QUT has a solid record of success in solving problems for industry and the community, by developing new products and processes. QUT’s research environment supports large-scale research endeavours through a focus on specific areas of research expertise; collaboration within QUT and with external partners; focus on the translation of knowledge into practice; and an emphasis on outcomes, both commercial and public good.

In addition to its focus on the provision of outstanding learning environments and undertaking high impact research with commercial and practical outcomes, QUT is actively engaged in strengthening and extending its strategic partnerships with professional and broader communities to reflect both its academic ambitions and its civic responsibility nationally, regionally and increasingly, globally, as articulated in QUT’s Blueprint 5.