Case Studies

27 Jan 2017 / Companies / Investors / Services

Nanosonics cleans up infection control

Australian company Nanosonics developed the proprietary trophon® EPR for fast, automated high level disinfection (HLD) of ultrasound probes.

20 Jan 2017 / Companies / Researchers

Medical Device Partnering Program fosters sector-wide collaboration for commercialisation

The Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP) at Flinders University fosters collaborations between inventors, researchers, industry, manufacturers, end-users and government, to help develop cutting-edge medical devices.

23 Dec 2016 / Companies / Investors

Sydney startup fast-track results for drug resistance

Startup SpeeDx - a Sydney based company founded in 2009 - have developed a new clinical testing technology finding a solution to the growing threat of drug resistance.

23 Dec 2016 / Companies / Investors / Researchers

Ocean Informatics brings eHealth to the outback

As the Australian Federal Government 'My Heath Record' initiative rolls out nationally, nowhere are the challenges of distance greater than in the Northern Territory, Australia's most sparsely populated state.

22 Dec 2016 / Companies / Investors / Researchers

Medtech startup turns home into medical clinic

A world-first medical kit including a digital stethoscope and non-contact thermometer invented by two Australian doctors could revolutionalise home-based treatments.

22 Dec 2016 / Companies / Investors / Researchers

Extensia system help GPs and communities overcome distance

Extensia, an Australian supplier of software solutions and technologies for the healthcare sector, have developed a digital solution for more efficient healthcare delivery.

22 Dec 2016 / Companies / Researchers

AtCor Medical - at the heart of blood pressure

Due to a new device, doctors and medical researchers around the world are using Australian-made instruments to detect and treat hypertension (high blood pressure) more accurately and effectively than ever before.

22 Dec 2016 / Companies / Investors / Researchers

International distribution partnership takes Australian innovation to the world

Rhinomed and BOC Ltd collaborated to provide people with sleeping issues a simple and affordable solution.

21 Sep 2016 / Companies / Investors / Researchers / Services

Amgen rates Australia a top location for medical studies

Amgen Australia conducts on average two ‘first in human’ studies every year, with almost half of their clinical trial research being early phase.

21 Sep 2016 / Companies / Investors / Researchers

International collaboration via Pfizer Centers for Therapeutic Innovation

Monash University Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences was the first Australian academic research institute to be invited by Pfizer to join their Centers for Therapeutic Innovation

21 Sep 2016 / Companies / Investors / Researchers

3D-printed device provides world-class apnoea relief

A collaboration between the CSIRO and Australian dental company Oventus has developed a game changing solution for people suffering from sleep apnoea.

20 Sep 2016 / Investors / Services

State-of-the-art design lab attracts international investment

The Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS) translates basic research into clinical trials to deliver new drug treatments, partnering with a number of international pharmaceutical companies for global reach.