Case Studies

26 Oct 2018 / Companies / Investors / Medical Technology / Researchers / Services

The Emergence of Australian Regenerative Medicine

As home to one of the world's first human stem cell trials, Australia is respected around the world for its contributions in the regenerative medicine sector.

12 Oct 2018 / Biotechnology / Companies / Investors / Medical Technology / Pharmaceuticals / Researchers / Services

Building a National MedTech Ideas Incubator

Founded in 2008, the Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP) started as an ideas incubator for the medtech-minded in South Australia. A decade later, the MTPConnect-supported program is expanding into other states and the big, bold ideas for new medical devices continue to flow.

27 Sep 2018 / Companies / Investors / Medical Technology / Researchers / Services

Precision Dosing: A New Wave in Digital Health

Digital health - leveraging technology to monitor and provide health-related data about individuals - is fast becoming a critical enabler of precision medicine.

08 Jun 2018 / Companies / Investors / Researchers / Services

Tackling A Global Health Problem: Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an urgent global health priority affecting humans, animal health and agriculture; resulting in the organisation putting together a global action plan in 2015.

05 Jun 2018 / Companies / Investors / Researchers / Services

The Journey Towards Developing Bedside Gene Therapies

Medical technology start-up Indee Labs, partnered with the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF-SA), the University of South Australia and other institutions to develop a gene delivery device that has the potential to save lives of thousands of people living with a life-threatening diseases like blood cancer.

24 May 2018 / Companies / Researchers / Services

Nurturing an Industry-Ready Workforce in STEM

With input and participation from many host organisations such as the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, Cancer Council NSW among others, Macquarie University science students are given the opportunity to have industry-based elements added to their University degree.

22 May 2018 / Companies / Investors / Researchers / Services

Increasing Clinical Trial Access Across Australia

The Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA)'s pilot implementation of the Australasian Tele-Trial Model uses tele-health or videoconferencing technology to support patients living outside major metropolitan centres to access clinical trials in their areas.

04 May 2018 / Companies / Researchers

SA Start-Up Fights Cancer With New Therapy

South Australian start-up Carina Biotech, born out of the Australian government-funded Cooperative Research Centre for Cell Therapy Manufacturing (CRC CTM), is developing Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cell (CAR-T) technologies to treat solid and paediatric cancers.

03 May 2018 / Companies / Investors / Researchers

Creating Opportunities For the Sector's Future Stars

A collaboration between MTPConnect, CSIRO's Data61, is bringing together students and industry in the Australian life sciences sector to develop skills, broaden horizons, and deliver industry placements for the future stars of the sector.

26 Apr 2018 / Companies / Investors / Researchers

Empowering and improving clinical trial recruitment in Australia

Patient recruitment to clinical trials can often be challenging, however, there is a new smartphone and web-based platform that is helping to fill that need.

14 Mar 2018 / Companies / Services

Industry Mentoring Fosters Innovation in STEM

The Industry Mentoring Network in STEM (IMNIS) has seen positive results from its MedTech-Pharma program with 141 students participating across 11 Universities in four states (VIC, NSW, QLD and SA).

06 Mar 2018 / Companies / Investors

Global Investment Program Supports Investment in AU Life Sciences

Looking to improve management and workforce skills, the AusBiotech-led Global Investment Program in Life Sciences is enhancing the capability of the Australian life sciences sector to engage with international markets. By collaborating with consortium members, AusBiotech is putting the Australian life sciences sector and its companies front and centre.

27 Feb 2018 / Companies / Researchers

Accelerating the future of biomedical innovation in Australia

Since March 2017, Accelerating Australia has been working to advance the Australian early stage biomedical innovation ecosystem. It's 160 participants across four courses have gone on to win commercial grants, seed funding and placements in accelerator programs.

22 Feb 2018 / Companies / Researchers

World-first vaccine for highly prevalent and damaging gum disease

Bringing together world-class scientific and clinical research teams with Australian manufacturers and established global marketers and distributors, the Oral Health Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) has developed a vaccine to target gum disease.

16 Feb 2018 / Companies

MTPConnect-led delegation showcases Australian medtech on the international stage

MTPConnect took 29 Australians to the 2017 MedTech Conference in San Jose, that brought together thousands of medical technology professionals from the US and across the globe.