Devices + Diagnostics: Navigating our New World

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About the Event

fter a tumultuous year of change, how has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the global medical technology landscape?
Device and diagnostic development pathways have had to shift to adapt to our new world. And although international travel bans continue to challenge the way we do business, we’re embracing new methods of working effectively with business partners, regulators and investors world-wide.
The shift to virtual meetings has meant deals that once took months to land can be closed in weeks. Regulatory bodies have altered their approach to collaboration and product approval in response to pandemic demands. And leading accelerators around the world have pivoted to increase accessibility and optimise cohort exposure.
But some uncertainty and questions remain. What fundamental processes have changed when developing your business strategy, courting investors, or navigating regulatory pathways? Which processes haven’t? And what will be the new normal of ‘best practice’ once the world stabilises?