BioMedTech - Discover Your Edge (Networking Event)

University of Wollongong


About the Event

Australia has a long and proud record of medical research, and companies like Resmed, CSL and Cochlear demonstrate Australia has the capacity to be a global leader in the biotechnology industry as well.

There is now a concerted effort across government, research institutions and industry to support Australia's growing biotechnology sector, and ensure Australian technologies make the journey from fundamental discovery to commercial success.

Join us for a networking session with local biotechnology leaders including Duncan MacInnis (MTPConnect), Stephen Byrne (TRICEP ), Gurcil Alici (AMBER Lab) Martin Engel (Inventia Life Science) and Leo Stevens (Advantage SME) to discuss the challenges and opportunities across Australian biotechnology, medicine and health-tech.

Presented by the University of Wollongong in collaboration with MTPConnect.