Quality Management Systems (QMS) Primer - ELearning

SeerPharma - a REDI Initiative Training Partner


About the Event

SeerPharma is an official training partner of the MTPConnect powered REDI initiative.

The QMS Primer is supported and fully funded by the REDI initiative, so there is no cost to you. This wholly online, self-paced course will take around 2 hours, but you can complete it over multiple sessions as you need.

This Quality Management Systems (QMS) Primer course provides a overview of quality management systems, their benefits and what you need to consider before implementation.

Outlining four key quality management system standards and who they are for, this course is aimed at professionals (such as those considering translating research to a product, service providers to MedTech and Pharma etc.) where quality systems will facilitate business success.

AUDIENCE: Researchers, engineers, clinicians, MTP professionals, MRI, University departments with an interest in commercialisation. It is also excellent for students and graduate students to give an appreciation of the importance of quality systems.

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