New Wound Credentialing Program for Health Professionals

08 July 2018

Wound Innovations, the Wound Management Innovation CRC’s spin out company, has today publicly launched its greatly anticipated Wound Clinician Credentialing program and associated national register of credentialed wound clinicians.

Access to clinicians with expertise in wound management is imperative to reduce the suffering and cost of chronic wounds to the Australian community. However, finding those clinicians who have wound specialty training and experience can prove as difficult as treating the wound itself.

Credentialing health professionals is an accepted way of ensuring clinicians have the requisite knowledge and skill and demonstrated clinical excellence in their specialty fields.

Wound Innovation’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Ian Griffiths, today said, “Wound Innovations is delighted to see the launch of this fantastic initiative. It is a unique recognition and support system, which is a world first for wound management professionals.

"Treating and managing wounds takes place across the healthcare continuum, and the research from the Wound Management Innovation CRC has shown that optimal care often involves a trans-disciplinary team approach to care.

"Credentialing individuals will facilitate earlier diagnosis and better access to healthcare services for patients with wounds. This new group of credentialed healthcare professionals will bring greater clarity to the wound care landscape.

"Also these credentialed professionals will be supported by Wound Innovations and a telehealth system encompassing remote consultation. So wherever in Australia they are treating wound sufferers, they will have access to a trans-disciplinary team to best help that patient.”

The national register of credentialed wound management clinicians provides public access and visibility of clinicians with advanced expertise to patients and health service providers. Ultimately, this will result in improvements in wound healing, patient well-being and health service deliverables through better assessment, diagnosis and management of wounds.

Dr Griffiths further commented: “Multiple organisations have now given their support for the program, including Advanced Practicing Podiatrists – High Risk Foot, Australian College of Midwives and the Australasian College of Podiatric Surgery.

"I encourage professional organisations to join our Affiliate program that offers a unique opportunity to advocate and represent the pursuit for evidence-based care and improved patient outcomes across multiple disciplines. Affiliate organisations can also enjoy a discounted registration fee for their member base.”

Credentialing Coordinator and renowned wound management expert, Dr Jenny Prentice, remarked: “The Wound Credentialing program provides an avenue for continued refinement of community expectations of, and professional standards for, wound management services irrespective of the care setting.

"The program fosters strong inter-professional leadership in wound management across a range of health disciplines.

Individual clinicians will gain greater recognition for their expertise.”

Health professionals wishing to know more about the Wound Credentialing program should visit the Wound Credentialing Program website at

Further information on all services offered by Wound Innovations is available at:

Patients with wounds and/or their carers or health service providers can locate their nearest credentialed wound clinician by accessing the National Register at