MTPConnect and ARCS continue their Affiliation through the continuation of the MOU

10 July 2018

ARCS Australia are also very pleased to announce the continuation of the MTPConnect MoU. ARCS was the first education affiliate to partner with MTPConnect in 2016.

ARCS have built a strong relationship with MTPConnect and its team and the signing of the MoU has enabled them to come together to champion many initiatives, particularly around education.

Independent of the partnership, ARCS also won a grant from MTPConnect to fund the CRITERIA Internship program that has already screened over 70 applicants and shortlisted groups in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane (and a couple of students fly in from Perth, for some national coverage).

The MoU with MTPConnect recognises ARCS long history of industry led, case study driven education. ARCS is also pleased to see that Dr Dan Grant will take over as CEO from the excellent job done by Sue MacLeman; and are looking very much look forward to working with Dan.

“ARCS is an invaluable contributor in the sector, playing a key role in education, training and connecting people working across a broad range of associated disciplines including regulatory affairs, clinical research and medical affairs.” Dr Dan Grant said.

“MTPConnect is pleased to have extended our MoU with ARCS as we continue to work together to broadly to build on the sector’s competitive advantage and productivity and to establish Australia as an Asia-Pacific hub for clinical research.”