In Case You Missed It: MTPConnect Staff Activities

16 November 2018

Pictured: MTPConnect GM Stakeholder Engagement Dr Alfredo Martinez-Coll with the winner of the medtech and pharma award AdAlata's Dr Ebony Fietz.

The MTPConnect team continue to work hard to grow the medtech and pharma sector. Here are some of the key activities from the last week.

Dr Dan Grant - CEO

BioConnections Australia
MTPConnect’s CEO presented a keynote address at Informa Australia’s inaugural BioConnections Australia event in Melbourne on Wednesday. Dr Grant took attendees on a guided tour of Australia’s history in discovery and commercialisation featuring some of Australia’s great innovators Howard Florey, Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet, John Eccles, Professor Peter Doherty, Barry Marshall, Robin Warren, Elizabeth Blackburn and John Warcup Cornforth.

Clinical Challenges - BioMedTech Horizons
He also facilitated a clinical challenges roundtable focused on trauma care and Emergency Medicine in Hobart last weekend, which will inform the second round of the BioMedTech Horizons Program.

Dr Alfredo Martinez-Coll - GM Stakeholder Engagement

MTTA MedTech Roundtable
Dr Martinez-Coll attended a roundtable centered around gaining support from the Australian medtech sector for the MedTech Innovator Asia and MedTech Innovator USA competitions. The event has the potential to be hosted regionally in Sydney. Participants have been sought from large medtech, SMEs, medtech incubators and accelerator programs, as well as the NSW Health and Office of Health and Medical Research, CSIRO.

UNSW's Vice-Chancellor Dinner
Dr Martinez-Coll went to discuss industry engagement strategies and closer collaboration with Growth Centres with attendance AustCyber’s CEO Michelle Price, AMGC’s CEO Jens Goenneman, and METSIgnited Acting CEO Dr Ian Dover.

Australian Technologies Competition (ATC) Awards Dinner
The Industry Growth Centres including NERA, AustCyber, FIAL and METSIgnitied sponsored the awards for their respective field of expertise. Dr Martinez-Coll presented the medtech and pharma award on behalf of MTPConnect.

Elizabeth Stares - Director Major Projects

Industry Growth Centre Showcase
MTPConnect’s Director Major Projects is coordinating the Industry Growth Centre Showcase, which will be held on the 4th December in the Mural Hall at Parliament House in Canberra. All six Growth Centres will be present along with industry representatives of their respective sectors.