Steve Barsh’s Dreamit Ventures Opens Dreamit HealthTech

  • 21 Dec 2018

For all those that heard Steve speak while he was in Australia last month, you know the invaluable advice that he gave to entrepreneurs and start-ups about leveraging their businesses.

Now his venture capital firm, Dreamit Ventures, has opened its Dreamit HealthTech program for pre-”Series A” digital health, medical device, and diagnostic start-ups. This program provides founders the flexibility they need to concentrate on their businesses. And instead of taking a large, fixed equity stake, Dreamit will offer the program primarily for the right to invest in your next round at a slight discount.

Here are the key parts of the HealthTech experience:

  • Customer Sprints | Meet with leading payers, providers, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers. During week-long Customer Sprints in multiple cities, founders present to C-suite executives and SVP-level decision makers to initiate partnerships, discuss pilots, and gain customers. Cut months off your sales cycle (view the full list of Dreamit partners).
  • Investor Sprints | Pitch U.S.-based investors in 1-on-1 meetings during week-long, bi-coastal Investor Sprints. Close your next round more quickly. You’ll leverage Dreamit’s extensive network of leading VCs and healthcare-focused funds. During the program, you’ll go through an intensive pitch prep process, strategy sessions for targeting the right investors, and rigorous Mock VC Meetings™.
  • Coaching | Work with our highly experienced HealthTech team to identify, evaluate and pressure-test key assumptions while prepping for Customer Sprints and Investor Sprints. You’ll receive critical feedback and insights during weekly meetings with Managing Director Adam Dakin and Program Manager Ethan Wergelis-Isaacson.

Applications close December 31 2018 so click here to learn more.