CRC-P Round 7 Applications - Eligibility Criteria

07 March 2019

With many in the sector working to finalise their CRC-P Round 7 applications, which are due by 28 March, we have become aware of some concern around the eligibility criteria detailed in the program guidelines. 

In particular, the new requirement for an entity to be a “trading corporation” has generated some confusion.

MTPConnect has been working with the CRC Projects team at AusIndustry to better understand this requirement and what it means for entities considering their applications. The CRC Projects team advise that the Round 7 CRC-P guidelines “do not exclude pre-revenue companies”, or companies yet to develop their goods or services, from applying for a CRC-P grant.

They further advise that these companies are “still considered trading corporations as although these companies are not currently trading, they are undertaking significant activity with the intent to trade in future.”

Again, pre-revenue companies are NOT excluded from applying for a CRC-P grant.

Should you have any further queries, please feel free to get in touch with our General Manager of Stakeholder Engagement, Dr Alfredo Martinez-Coll, at