Save the Date: MedTech Conference 2019

18 April 2019

MTPConnect will be leading the Australian delegation to the MedTech Conference for the third consecutive time this year. It’s being held in Boston from 23-25 September 2019 and our preparations are well advanced so we encourage you to save the date and be a part of the Australian delegation!

We led 27 companies, venture capitalists and more in 2017; and in 2018 our delegation of 19 companies, universities and research institutes also included agencies from three state governments including the NSW Office of Health and Medical Research, Victoria’s Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources and one of our partners in our MTPConnect WA Hub: the WA Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation.

Each of these missions provided members of the Australian delegation with invaluable opportunities to connect with each other as well as network with leading medtech industry players from around the world. And this year’s mission will be no different – it’s shaping up to be bigger and better than ever!

This year’s MedTech Conference theme is ‘Changing Healthcare: Changing Lives’ bringing together industry professionals from around the globe to discuss challenges in healthcare to improve lives for patients globally.

Our most recent podcast episode takes a detailed look at opportunities in the US market and is definitely worth a listen as part of your preparations to join the mission. 

The Medical Alley Association of Minnesota’s VP Intelligence Frank Jaskulke joined us to provide his on-the-ground insights on how to take full advantage of the conference:

  1. Ahead of the Conference use the partnering system, where you can look up who’s attending and reach out to them to arrange meetings.
  2. The major medtech executives are there looking for deals, so don’t hesitate to connect with them and give them your pitch!
  3. Take the time to go to some of the sessions and do the networking to form those partnerships and create opportunities for yourself
  4. Do your homework – understand what the company you’re meeting with is looking for and how your product/service fits into that criteria and have a clear value proposition
  5. Have an understanding of what the company is already doing with their products and where your product will fit with their strategy

MTPConnect are working on a number of independent value-add activities (not part of conference programme) exclusive to MTPConnect delegates. If you are interested in joining our delegation allow arrival in Boston by 18 September and departure on 27 September.

For more information, visit the MedTech Conference and contact our GM Stakeholder Engagement Dr Alfredo Martinez-Coll.

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