Therapeutic Innovation Australia opens up access to translational R&D facilities for COVID-19 Response

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29 April 2020

Does your research team need to access to translational R&D facilities to work on COVID-19 projects? If your team are up for the challenge, then this opportunity could be for you.

Therapeutic Innovation Australia (TIA) has announced funding that will target the Australian COVID-19 response. In a new round of TIA’s established Pipeline Accelerator initiative, this scheme is encouraging researchers from academia and industry working on projects related to COVID-19 to apply for a voucher to subsidise the cost of accessing one or more of a network of over twenty translational R&D facilities across the country.

Projects can focus on any aspect of the response to COVID-19, including (but not limited to):

  • Vaccine candidate discovery and development
  • Process development for biologics
  • Pilot-scale GMP production
  • TGA-licenced testing and production of therapies
  • Patient sample collection and apheresis
  • Supply and screening of biologic, cell or small molecule compound libraries
  • Screening of libraries for hit, lead, tool or target discovery
  • Drug optimisation and development
  • Preclinical/toxicological testing
  • Bioanalytics and characterisation
  • Support for development of diagnostics and assays
  • Clinical trial support

TIA CEO, Dr Stuart Newman encourages the sector to apply.

“From the first moment that COVID-19 was recognised as a global health threat, TIA supported facilities were involved in a global response,” Dr Newman explained.

“This scheme is a means to identify and enable more novel COVID-19 projects by facilitating and funding access to the expertise and facilities within the TIA consortium.”

To find out how to apply, visit TIA’s website.