APR.Intern Joins REDI

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10 August 2020

MTPConnect is pleased to announce APR.Intern have joined the REDI initiative as a partner.

APR.Intern is Australia’s only all sector—all discipline PhD internship program, transforming Australian businesses through university research collaborations. 

REDI is helping APR.Intern to fund 20 new industry placements for PhD researchers for the remainder of 2020.

APR.Intern National Program Manager, Lisa Farrar, welcomed the opportunity to partner with MTPConnect and open doors for PhD students to develop industry skills and drive real-world innovation.

“APR.Intern is excited to partner with MTPConnect under the REDI initiative and provide the sector with access to Australia’s brightest STEM PhD students,” Ms Farrar said.

"The partnership enables us to support 20 companies in the medtech, biotech and pharmaceutical sector to take on a talented PhD student in a short-term subsidised industry placement.

"These cost-effective research projects have transformative impact, ensuring PhD students are trained with the essential skills needed to drive commercial R&D."

The MTPConnect REDI program leverages the expertise of our research, training and industry partners to drive skills development and workforce training, through deployment of an integrated, three-pillar plan.

The $32 million REDI initiative is funded through the Australian Government’s Medical Research Future Fund and will roll out in 2020 over four years.

To learn more about the REDI initiative and all the partners, click here.