New WA Appointment for Stakeholder Engagement Team

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19 August 2020

Today we are very pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Tracey Wilkinson as Director Stakeholder Engagement WA. 

Tracey will continue to drive the engagement strategy and implementation plan for WA stakeholders in the MTP sector including companies, universities, medical research institutes, health professionals and researchers, research organisations, government and relevant associations. 

A key focus of the role will be to build up the WA MTP sector’s capabilities and capacities in business development and commercialisation. It will drive initiatives that attract investment and grow innovation and trade, linking WA into major national and international initiatives.

Tracey comes to us from the Telethon Kids Institute in WA, where she was the Commercialisation and Partnerships Manager and Co-Founder of the WA government supported X-TEND WA Digital Health Accelerator.

While at the Institute, Tracey was responsible for identifying, assessing, developing and commercialising opportunities with a focus on sponsored research activities and the building of large-scale engagement and strategic initiatives. Tracey has a background in molecular genetics, gaining a PhD in Bioinformatics from the University of Melbourne, based at the Howard Florey & Walter and Eliza Hall Institutes. 

Prior to her PhD, she was also the Co-Founder of an online bioinformatics analysis service. Her business development experience was at the University of Melbourne, where she worked to commercialise early stage technologies and IP developed at the University.

We are looking forward to welcoming Tracey on board on Monday 24 August and she will be based at the WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub located at The University of Western Australia (UWA) premises within the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research Building in Nedlands (subject to WA's COVID-19 restrictions). 

The MTPConnect WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub is co-funded through the WA Government’s New Industries Fund and the University of Western Australia to accelerate economic growth and create new jobs and industries.

Tracey will work together with Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator, Rebekah Craggs and Prof. Kevin Pfleger (UWA), Director Biomedical Innovation, at the Hub.

Please reach out and connect with Tracey, and on LinkedIn & Twitter.