Industry Genomics Network Alliance Launches Strategic Plan

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28 May 2021

Industry leaders are collaborating through the Industry Genomics Network Alliance (InGeNA) to quantify the benefits of genomics to Australia and point to a future where precision healthcare is accessible to all.

InGeNA is working with Deloitte Access Economics to develop an evidence base to demonstrate the value of genomics to the economy, society and patient care. It will be the first major program for the Alliance which was established in 2020 with funding through MTPConnect's Industry Growth Centre Project Fund Program.

InGeNA Chair David Bunker said members spanned various industries within the genomics supply chain: Diagnostics/pathology, informatics, data and technology, and pharmaceutical.

He said quantifying the benefits of genomics was central to the InGeNA Strategic Plan published today and would be a major contribution to advancing precision health in Australia.

“While governments are progressing substantial programs of genomics work, we need an evidence base to establish the right policies and mature data infrastructure to integrate genomics into healthcare,” he said.

“When it comes to policy and decision-making, we want industry member’s participation into the national agenda.”

The InGeNA Strategic Plan highlights the breadth and range of industry groups committed to working together to bring a shared perspective on critically important areas underpinning the future of genomics, he said.

InGeNA is openly advocating for patient equity and access to personalised healthcare. The Alliance is working with consumer representatives on all programs to ensure a patient-centric approach for all of its activities.

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