Join our June WA MTP Sector Spotlight Series Event

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31 May 2021

Our next Perth-based event, set for 30 June, will feature a double act with Dr Simon Graindorge, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, IP Group Australia (and OncoRes Medical's COO) and Epichem’s CEO and Managing Director Colin LeGalia

The need to diversify WA’s economy beyond the resources sector is well established. The mining industry continues to dominate, contributing 47% to the state’s GVA (Gross Value Add) by Industry. With 30% of the WA state budget spent on healthcare, the coronavirus pandemic is a reminder that our medtech, biotech and pharmaceutical sector continues to be front and centre of efforts to manage the spread of the virus and keep Australians healthy. It’s timely to push for further investment and support for WA’s innovative MTP sector.

So what should we be doing today to create a growing MTP sector, what are the future opportunities for WA and will entrepreneurship and international focus help to get us there?

Dr Simon Graindorge and Colin La Galia will discuss these questions and share their business insights.

If you are Perth-based, please register today for the breakfast.