Successful COSA Tele-Trial Model implemented to help remote cancer patients across Australia

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16 June 2021

Access to clinical trials for people diagnosed with cancer is a core component of providing optimal cancer care through specialist cancer centres, hospitals and other treatment facilities. Patients living outside of major metropolitan centres face many barriers in accessing clinical trials. 

The Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA) has released a report on completion of a successful project to pilot the implementation of the Australasian Tele-Trial Model, helping to increase access to clinical trials closer to home, while at the same time ensuring the proper conduct of cancer clinical trials. 

The three-year project, funded through MTPConnect’s Growth Centre Project Fund Program, set out to facilitate the adoption of the Tele-Trial Model nationally through engagement with government, regulatory bodies, hospitals, and insurers to drive regulatory reform and adopt the Tele-Trial Model as standard practice.  

COSA Chief Executive Officer Marie Malica thanked project co-chairs, Professors Sabe Sabesan and John Zalcberg for their leadership and guidance, and Project Manager Chantal Gebbie. 
 “The success of the pilot project was largely due to the extraordinary efforts and collaboration of multiple stakeholders across sites, investigators, industry, collaborative groups and government departments as well as the support of MTPConnect, and the leadership of the funding consortium.  

“With the recent award by the Federal Government of grants totalling $125 million to improve access to clinical trials for regional and rural Australians, $75.2 million of which is exclusively for the continued development of tele-trials nationally, COSA’s work will now focus on advocacy, assisting with stakeholder engagement and we will continue to offer our expertise as needed,” said Ms Malica.   

Read the full report on the COSA website