Let’s do more for Australians with diabetes and cardiovascular disease

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24 June 2021

Our Targeted Translation Research Accelerator (TTRA) initiative is currently engaging with the sector to identify unmet needs relating to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, or management of diabetes and / or cardiovascular disease. 

We are reaching out to researchers, healthcare and medical professionals, industry stakeholders and those with knowledge of the lived experience of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

An ‘unmet need’ is a medical or health aspect of diabetes or cardiovascular disease not adequately addressed by current interventions such as drugs, diagnostics, medical devices, behavioural changes, or digital health solutions.  

Last year, MTPConnect and Research Australia conducted a 2020 survey and the results were used to inform the priority areas called for as part of the TTRA Research Centres and Round 1 Research Projects funding opportunities. Applications for those calls were opened in January 2021 and are in the final stages of submission. 

The 2021 survey is designed to identify new priority areas for diabetes and cardiovascular disease which will inform the funding call for Round 2 Research Projects opening from August 2021. Our aim is to ensure that the full breadth of unmet needs are gathered and considered. 

MTPConnect is again pleased to partner with Monash University, ANU and Research Australia to gain insight across the research pipeline into the clinical challenges of these two chronic health conditions and to ensure the TTRA’s considerable investment both builds upon existing successful initiatives and fills research gaps in the sector.  

For further information on our MRFF-funded TTRA Program, please contact the TTRA team.