Can the STEP-UP Program help with your research challenge?

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12 July 2021

Is your business facing a research challenge that would benefit from insights from some of Australia's leading researchers from the Faculty of Science and more broadly across the University of Melbourne?

Create a competitive advantage for your business by gaining early access to cutting edge knowledge.

Pitch your research challenge to a room full of experts from across the Faculty of Science, or more broadly across the University of Melbourne. The STEP-UP team will manage the follow-up process to guide collaboration opportunities.

With expertise across all fields of science - chemistry, biosciences, physics, mathematics, statistics, earth sciences, geography, atmospheric science, ecosystem and forest science – and collaborations with other fields like engineering, computer science, law, economics, the University of Melbourne can tackle some truly interdisciplinary challenges.

This opportunity is available to businesses across Australia who are looking to fast-track their innovation projects to scale and grow their business.

Associate Dean (Enterprise & Innovation) Professor Kate Smith-Miles explained how STEP-UP is supporting Australian innovation.

“Our researchers seek to use their knowledge and expertise to deliver impact in the world. Australian industry seeks to innovate for global competitiveness. STEP-UP aims to create win-win collaborations by sparking the curiosity of our researchers in industrial challenge problems and managing the research collaboration through to business impact,” said Professor Smith-Miles.

If you have a research question you’d like to pitch, or would like to learn more about the STEP-UP program, please reach out to Kate Ballard at University of Melbourne via email or call +61 422 518 465

For more information see the website