MTPConnect invites you to its ‘Competitive Australia’ events

25 July 2016

MTPConnect will be touring Australia in July and August 2016 to encourage collaboration for a competitive Australia.

In a series of events around the country, CEO Sue MacLeman and Chair Dr Bronwyn Evans will provide an update on MTPConnect’s recent work, as well as introduce the draft Sector Competitiveness Plan to boost the competitiveness, productivity and innovative capacity of Australia’s medical technologies, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals sector.

This 10-year strategic plan will be a blueprint for a more innovative and entrepreneurial Australia and position us to seize the next wave of economic prosperity.

The events will also be a great networking opportunity as we bring businesses, industry organisations, and the science and research sector together to build links, unlock commercial opportunities and drive innovation.

Refreshments and canapes will be served. To see when we will be in your city, please see the events listed below. If you would like to attend, please RSVP.

Melbourne - 25th July, 2016

Adelaide - Tuesday 26th July, 2016

Sydney - Wednesday 3rd August, 2016

Brisbane - Monday 22nd August, 2016

Events for Perth and Canberra are also planned. Stay tuned for more details soon.