Empowering scientists with training in the growing clinical trials sector

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23 November 2021

Backed by MTPConnect’s Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry initiative, the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre Alliance’s SKILLED internship program is generating a talent pipeline for the clinical trials sector. 

The 40-week program provides a talent pipeline for the sector, enabling science-based graduates to cultivate role-specific knowledge, experience and skills through on-site training.

The SKILLED program runs clinical trial streams for two in-demand roles: Clinical Trial Assistants (CTAs) and Study Coordinators (SCs). The 2021 program is also piloting a Pharmacy Technician Clinical Trial Assistant model.

As the only initiative of its kind in Australia, SKILLED has generated significant national and international interest and is inundated each year with applications. Given the program’s prestigious reputation, job opportunities are often funnelled exclusively to past and current VCCC Alliance SKILLED interns, who are highly sought-after in the clinical trials sector.

Read the latest case study to hear from those involved with the program about their experiences and the impact the training has had on employment opportunities and career choices.