Join SA Insights Series featuring Fertilis

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01 May 2023

Join Jo Close, Director for the Adelaide Intermediary Program as she hosts MTPConnect’s SA Insights Series for May with Fertilis co-founders.

Jo will facilitate a fire-side chat with two long-time friends who joined forces with a vision to transform the IVF industry. Professor Jeremy Thompson and Marty Gauvin co-founded South Australian company, Fertilis, just 3 years ago and are developing the world’s first device to automate embryo culture at the micro scale using 3D printing technology.

Jeremy is Fertilis CSO and Adjunct Professor, University of Adelaide, and saw an obvious problem in the IVF industry and had a vision for the solution more than 20 years ago. Fast forward and thanks to technological advancements and Marty’s combined engineering and business mindset, the idea is now a prototype with investment.

In this conversation we’ll explore the evolution of the technology and the company, and gain insight into the incredible and inspiring stories of two brain injury survivors – yes, both Marty and Jeremy have had to deal with major health issues. Perhaps in some ways it’s the secret to their success…

You’ll experience firsthand how Jeremy’s creativity and curiosity as a scientist is complemented by Fertilis CEO Marty’s entrepreneurial experience.

    This event will be followed by an opportunity to network over drinks and nibbles.


    About Fertilis

    Fertilis aims to revolutionise IVF treatment through their automated embryo culture device.

    The technology involves each embryo growing inside its own patented micro-3D printed cradle. The cradle protects the embryo and enables automated subtle changes to the nutritive composition of the formulated solutions that bathes the embryo, providing the most optimised growth environment ever developed.

    The cradle structure allows fertilisation, embryo culture and embryo cryopreservation to occur in the one structure – no more moving embryos around by hand.