WA Health and Medical Life Sciences boosted through WA Grant Schemes

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30 June 2023

Seventeen Western Australian health and medical life sciences have been awarded funding through various WA Government grant schemes. Twelve WA projects are amongst those awarded Innovation Booster Grants through the WA Government’s New Industries Fund, which aims to attract investment and promote the economic diversification of WA.

A total of 43 WA projects will share in more than $1.5M through that scheme, with recipients from sectors including health and medical life sciences, tourism and tech. Since its launch, 276 Innovation Booster Grants worth approximately $5.3 million have helped startups and small businesses turn ideas into commercial reality.

In line with the State Government's Health and Medical Life Sciences Industry Strategy, six of these recipients will be supported through Health and Medical Life Sciences funding.

Awardees from the health and medical life sciences include:

  • Agili8 – Delivering telehealth services using XRAI Vision smartglasses
  • Matilda Health – Proving a comprehensive digital platform focused on improving the management of endometriosis
  • Metabolic Health Solutions – Developing a novel, low-cost sensor that enables effective and personalised metabolic health testing
  • Navier Medical – Improving the detection of coronary plaque, which is a significant factor in heart disease
  • Omni Biotech – Developing cloud processing for hydration management
  • STIM – Improving musculoskeletal recovery and performance enhancement through a wearable device that utilises safe electrical brain stimulation
  • Customa Pty Ltd – Improving the security and comfort of individuals living with a stoma through an innovative medical device
  • Ear Science Institute – Developing novel therapeutics for treatment of sensorineural hearing loss
  • Eiknonic – Commercialising a pioneering nanotech solution designed to combat gum disease and tooth decay
  • Hepatitis WA – Improving hepatitis screening and treatment
  • Inspiring Holdings Pty Ltd – Improving the delivery of drugs to the lungs by providing space capacity to nebulisers
  • Setonix Pharma – Developing a drug that be taken as a tablet, which can boost the immune response against cancer.

Additionally, seven WA-based companies have been awarded $20,000 through the Local Capability Fund (LCF) towards gaining two accreditations with the International Organization for Standardization – the ISO 9001, which relates to quality management, and ISO 13485:2016, which is specific to the management of medical services. Accreditation is an important step to bringing medical products to market but can involve a significant financial undertaking for companies.

Funding to support health and medical life sciences in the state is part of the WA Government’s $8.5 million commitment to its Health and Medical Life Sciences Industry Strategy. This round of the LCF was for SMEs in the MTP sector or SMEs collaborating with companies in this field.

The companies awarded LCF funding include:

VeinTech's Dr Katherine Arenson, Nick Buckley and Nikhilesh Bappoo