​Austrade report spotlights Australia’s capability in clinical trials

02 February 2018

Austrade’s new Clinical Trials industry capability report highlights why Australia is a leading destination for clinical research of new therapeutic products and medical devices.

The report showcases Australia’s strengths in the sector—world-class medical research infrastructure, an efficient regulatory system, a strong and stable business environment, and generous tax incentives—that make it an attractive and competitive location for clinical trials.

More than 1,000 new clinical trials are commenced each year in Australia. The country has the capabilities, infrastructure and scientists, physicians and healthcare professionals to support international and local pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies in Phase I to Phase IV clinical trials. Australia’s ethnically diverse, English-speaking population provide a ready pool of healthy volunteers and patients.

Australia offers a fast, streamlined regulatory pathway to conduct clinical trials. The country’s world-class contract research organisations, clinical trial sites, manufacturing and data analytics companies can deliver timely results while meeting stringent quality and ethical standards. Australian clinical data also complies with the highest international standards and is readily transferable to key jurisdictions including the US Food and Drug Administration.

With key opinion leaders across most therapeutic areas, Australia can undertake clinical trials in almost all areas including oncology, central nervous system, infectious disease, metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases. The report also identifies industry-sponsored clinical trials of the top five indications by phase and the top 10 industry sponsors in the last five years.

Novartis—the top industry sponsor in terms of number of trials—said: ‘High research and quality standards (especially early phase capability), comparable costs, timely trial approval and reliable patient recruitment make Australia an attractive destination to conduct clinical trials.’

Download the Clinical Trial capability report from the Austrade website.