MTPConnect Board and Executive 2018 Transition Plan

12 February 2018

MTPConnect – the Medical Technology, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry Growth Centre – has today announced changes to the Board and Executive team for 2018.

Late in 2017, Dr Bronwyn Evans indicated her wish to step down from the role as Chair due to competing priorities. The Minister for Jobs and Innovation, Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash – who oversees the Industry Growth Centre Initiative – has agreed to the transition proposed by the MTPConnect Board, where Ms Sue MacLeman will assume the Chair position.

The plan will ensure a smooth transition of Board and Executive roles.

“After three years as Chair it is pleasing to be able to see the significant impact MTPConnect has made,” said Dr Evans.

“It has been a highly rewarding experience to Chair the board of an organisation as determined and impactful as MTPConnect. Over last year three years, it has been a privilege to work with leading professionals across the sector on what the medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries will look like in decades to come.”

“I am thrilled that Sue MacLeman, our CEO and Managing Director, will move into the role as Chair. Following her two outstanding years as CEO of MTPConnect, Ms MacLeman will be well placed to continue in the position of Chair and to support an incoming CEO.”

Sue MacLeman, the current CEO and Managing Director of MTPConnect said that the transition will provide new opportunities for the organisation.

“I am delighted to be continuing my work with MTPConnect by undertaking an ongoing non-executive role to provide high-level support to our team in continuing our important work with the sector,” Ms MacLeman explained.

“With a new CEO comes new opportunities for advancement and growth, not just within MTPConnect, but for the entire medical technology, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical sector in Australia. I look forward to seeing the organisation continue to flourish under new leadership.”

“We wish Dr Evans all the best for her future endeavours, and thank her for her tireless support and dedication to MTPConnect, and the broader industry, as an important part of our success to date. Dr Evans has invested significant time and effort including in the lead up to the formation of MTPConnect and nurtured its impressive growth and position showcasing Australia’s most innovative global sectors.”

Brooker Consulting has been appointed to recruit a new CEO and manage this process on behalf of the MTPConnect Board.

The search will be led by the MTPConnect Remuneration and Nominations Committee. Dr Evans will remain as Chair until the new CEO has been recruited and established in the role.

To ensure appropriate governance, there will be a gap between Ms MacLeman stepping down as CEO and taking up the role as Chair. During this three-month period, Dr Evans will remain the Chair and work with the new CEO, with Ms MacLeman to be appointed as a Non-Executive director to assist in transition. Following three months as a Non-Executive board member, Ms MacLeman will move to the Chair role and Dr Evans will step down from the Chair and Board role with MTPConnect.