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Ferronova is an Australian biotechnology company commercialising hybrid magnetic and fluorescent nanoparticles for MRI and image guided surgery and therapies. 

Ferronova's first-generation product is a combination device/drug system designed to map the lymphatics in gastro-intestinal cancers to aid in more precise surgery and MRI guided therapy, and to improve the staging of the cancer by detecting micro-metastasis in lymph nodes where they would otherwise be missed. 

Upper gastro-intestinal cancers have the poorest outcomes among all cancers, with even localised cancers having only 42-60% 3-year survival. 

A 15 patient first-in-human human trial has been completed, a 40-patient colorectal human trial is in progress, and an upper gastro-intestinal trial is to commence in 2023.

See Ferronova's website for more details.

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Contact: marketing@ferronova.com.au