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Jay-Nik was founded in 2017 by two Australian clinicians to develop, patent and commercialise an innovative syringe that solved a number of clinical challenges they encountered on a daily basis. 

The resulting syringe has been named the Drop & Lock™ and makes significant improvements to existing medication administration practices in many settings, specifically; labelling, medication traceability, reduced risk of medication diversion. 

Over the past four years, Jay-Nik has spent considerable resources developing, refining, researching and securing granted patents for the Drop & Lock™ syringe. 

The company is now in a position to partner or licence the IP to a suitable partner, to assist and progress the next stages of medical device regulation, manufacturing and commercialisation.

See Jay-Nik's website for more details.

LinkedIn: Jay-Nik 

Contact: clare@jay-nik.com