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ResusRight is a neonatal medtech startup that has developed a resuscitation monitor to assist with training clinicians and the resuscitation of babies that need assistance at birth. 

Around 10 million babies need resuscitation at birth each year to begin breathing, and if this process is performed badly then brain injury or death can result. 

ResusRight has just released the "JUNO" Training Monitor, a training monitor that is used to train clinicians more effectively by providing objective feedback on their technique. 

The Clinical Monitor, the NEMO Resuscitation Monitor is currently in an initial pilot study to gather feasibility data. Results from a recent meta-analysis demonstrated that monitoring can reduce the risk of brain injury by 35% in preterm infants. 

The current focus is on the Australian market but exploring some key overseas markets such as the UK and US as well as alternate distribution channels at the moment, with an aim to scale in the first half of 2023.

See ResusRight's website for more details

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