Product Development & Commercialisation Skills

The following Product Development and Commercialisation Skills programs are offered by our REDI Partners


BRIGHT Ideate 1-day Seminar - BRIGHT Future for Digital Health 

ANDHealth’s BRIGHT Ideate in Digital Health Seminar is designed for early-stage digital health innovators who have an idea or early prototype that can improve healthcare. Participants receive real-world advice to address key considerations for both the technical & commercial challenges of launching a digital-health business. Alongside the award-winning BRIGHT process, this seminar includes expert guests addressing topics such as user-centred design, regulation, and business models. The course is scheduled for 2022. 

BRIGHT Innovate 3-Day Workshop  

ANDHealth’s BRIGHT Innovate in Digital Health Workshop is designed for digital health companies with a digital health proof of concept they want to develop within a proven innovation framework. Participants receive digital health specific information, advice, and small group coaching, from a team of industry leaders. The course is scheduled for 2022. 

Digital Health Masterclass 6-day Workshop 

ANDHealth’s Masterclass: ACCELERATE Program is the only intensive accelerator program designed specifically for companies seeking to commercialise evidence-based digital health products. It engages with international industry leaders in a private, participant only forum. This 6-day intensive, workshop-style masterclass addresses common pitfalls and knowledge gaps that exist for digital health companies. The course is scheduled for 2022. 

About ANDHealth  

ANDHealth is Australia’s only organisation dedicated to providing programs designed specifically to address the unique commercialisation challenges faced by digital health companies. By forming a multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary membership and working collaboratively across Australia, ANDHealth brings proven expertise to our innovators and investors. 

Website: ANDHealth  |  Twitter: @ANDHealthAU  |  LinkedIn: ANDHealth  

Biointelect Consortium 

Biointelect Venturer Program  

This program will provide participants with a real-world understanding of the investment environment in Australia and other key markets – ensuring they are both investor and partner ready.  It is designed for those who are looking to leverage external funding to accelerate the commercialisation of their product or take their start-up to the next level.  

Registration is via the website.

About Biointelect Consortium

Biointelect is a strategic life sciences consultancy that operates across the entire development pathway – from early stage pre-clinical through to the in-market phase. Biointelect and consortium partners (ARCS Australia and Biodesign Australia) have a strong track record delivering impactful training and coaching to participants and enterprises around Australia and internationally with high commercialisation success. 

Website: The Biointelect Venturer Program  |  Twitter: @BiointelectInfo  |  LinkedIn: Biointelect  

Cicada Innovations 

Cicada MedLab: Commercialisation 101 

Cicada Innovations will deliver workshops in state capitals developing the fundamentals of research commercialisation; including how to identify unmet market needs, understand clinical context, and validate an innovative medical technology. The workshops are for clinicians, researchers, budding entrepreneurs and start-ups who have an innovative solution in digital health, diagnostics, devices or therapeutics and are looking to validate their idea. The 2-day workshops are scheduled at venues around Australia between August - December 2021. 

About Cicada Innovations  

Cicada Innovations is Australia’s pioneer deep tech incubator and community, supporting startups and scaleups solving the world’s most pressing problems. Since 2000, we’ve helped 300+ companies raise $500M+ in funding, file 500+ patents and trademarks, launch 700+ innovations globally, and create thousands of jobs. 

Website: Cicada Innovations  |  Twitter: @CicadaInnov  |  LinkedIn: Cicada Innovations  

Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP)   

National MDPP REDI Program

MDPP’s national Ideas Incubator is open to clinicians, researchers and industry from anywhere in Australia. Successful applicants receive 250 hours of technical assistance and 30 hours of market research to help advance their innovation. There’s no limit to how early a medical device idea is, as long as its technically feasible and commercially viable. Applications are open all year round, learn more and submit your innovation via the website. 

MedTech Mondays  

On the first Monday of each month is MDPP’s education webinar series ‘MedTech Mondays’. Each month they get experts from around the world to answer your questions on a variety of different subjects, from IP law to scaling up manufacturing to quality assurance and regulatory affairs. The webinar starts with a panel discussion followed by a question session – a place for participants to learn from real-world examples, ask their own questions and meet the experts. Registration is on the MDPP website.  

About MDPP  

The MDPP Ideas Incubator, an initiative of Flinders University, drives entrepreneurial culture within the medtech sector. The Incubator fosters collaborations between researchers, industry, end-users and government, developing novel medical devices with global market potential, and forms essential links between clinical need and knowledge with technical expertise and industry know-how.  

Website: MDPP  |  Twitter: @mdpprogram  |  LinkedIn: Medical Device Partnering Program  

MedTech Actuator (MTAC) 

MedTech Actuator Program 

Each year the MedTech ActuatorTM chooses high-potential companies to join the 15-month industry-led, venture-backed MedTech Actuator – Asia Pacific’s MedTech accelerator. MedTech Actuator provides entrepreneurs with industry-led training, mentorship, an initial investment, and capital raising support. This relentless execution towards market success makes it possible to achieve in 15 months what can typically take 3 years or more. Applications open in February. 

MedTech Actuator Origin 

The MedTech Actuator Origin is an international pitch competition for early-stage MedTech, HealthTech and BioTech entrepreneurs, providing industry-led mentoring and tailored education as semi-finalists progress through knock-out pitch rounds, culminating in the Gala final. Here, semi-finalists compete against founders from across Asia Pacific for fast-tracked application to The MedTech Actuator and a share in prize money. Applications open in July. 

Commercialisation Priming and Education Programs  

The MedTech Actuator provides tailored commercialisation priming and education programs for aspiring entrepreneurs in research institutes, universities, and hospitals. Ideation sessions and tailored masterclasses are designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs explore opportunities in MedTech, HealthTech and BioTech entrepreneurship and to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to kickstart the commercialisation journey. Entrepreneur in residence sessions provide mentoring, guidance, insights into opportunities and pathways, and high-level startup analysis.  

About MTAC  

The MedTech ActuatorTM aggressively accelerates and funds MedTech, HealthTech and BioTech startups from across Asia Pacific, surrounding new ventures with the industry experts and support they need – including 85+ partners across all aspects of commercialisation – to navigate the complexities of deep technology innovation. 

Website: MedTech Actuator  |  Twitter: @medtechactuator  |  LinkedIn: MedTech Actuator  

The George Institute (TGI) 

Health10X Global Health Accelerator Program 

Health10x is a national program accelerating the business growth of start-ups developing affordable and scalable solutions for major health challenges, particularly the growing burden of non-communicable diseases and injury in underserved populations. The pre-accelerator and accelerator are jointly delivered by The George Institute and the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Founders. Health10x is an annual program, open to early-stage start-ups, researchers, students, clinicians and health innovators across Australia. Applications open in February/March each year.  

Health10X global health Pre-Accelerator Program provides 5 weeks part-time learning targeted global health modules and start-up education from leading industry experts and founders. 

Health10X global health Accelerator Program provides 10 weeks full-time learning from industry and startup experts via workshops, mentoring and collaborative activities, offers exclusive access to an Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) and $20,000 SAFE investment.  

Disruptive Entrepreneurship Training Program 

The Disruptive Entrepreneurship and Innovation Training Program is designed for health researchers and health-focused professionals looking to understand how and why they can pursue commercialisation of research outcomes, the steps they need to take to do this, and how they can achieve impact through entrepreneurship. The training modules focus on building capacity in ideation and identifying commercial ideas, market analysis, and communicating and presenting ideas effectively. During 2021, the program is being piloted at The George Institute and will be rolled out nationally from April 2022.   

About TGI  

TGI is an Australian medical research institute with offices in China, India and UK and an international network of experts and collaborators. We work with governments, health facilities, communities and organisations to achieve evidence-based impact for under-served populations and tackle the biggest health challenges globally.  

Website: TGI  |  Twitter: @georgeinstitute  |  LinkedIn: The George Institute for Global Health