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Pictured Left to Right: MAJ Ricky Schmidt, Erica Kneipp, Prof Emily Hilder, Dr Peter Shoubridge, Prof Jai-Yee Lee, Dr Michael Drew, Sue MacLeman

Defence launched the 'Safeguarding Australia through Biotechnology Response and Engagement' (SABRE) Alliance in July 2022. SABRE seeks to bring together biotech capabilities from Australia’s universities, research institutes, SMEs and manufacturers to connect them with the needs of the Defence and national security sectors.

MTPConnect has helped to establish the Alliance, with representatives on the Steering Committee including MTPConnect’s former Chair Sue MacLeman and MTPConnect’s Director of Health and Biosecurity Strategy, Dr Amelia Vom.

The SABRE Alliance will help Defence and the national security sector to capitalise on new opportunities emerging from biotech development in Australia’s research and industry sectors to enhance Defence capabilities.

In April 2023, the ‘Advancing the SABRE Alliance’ workshop was held in Canberra, where leaders in biotechnology, human health, genomics, bioinformatics, synthetic biology, agriculture, advanced manufacturing and biosecurity were invited to participate in sculpting the direction of the Alliance and make connections.

The event is part of efforts by the SABRE Alliance to proactively identify and build deep relationships of trust and collaboration with key stakeholders in Australia’s research and industry sectors with expertise to help Defence guard Australia against future threats and national security risks.

Following the event, the outcomes, perceptions and overall findings from the observations of participants and scribes have been captured in the Vignette Trends Analysis and Learnings (VITAL) Report.

Pictured: Advancing the SABRE Alliance workshop held in Canberra

Listen to the MTPConnect Podcast episode recorded at the SABRE Alliance workshop:

The podcast team joined the event to find out about the initiative and how the sector can get involved. You will hear from SABRE Alliance Co- Chairs, Dr Peter Shoubridge (DSTG) and Professor Mark Hutchinson (STA), who explain the origins and purpose of the SABRE Alliance. SABRE Committee members Sue MacLeman, Professor Emily Hilder (DSTG), Dr Leigh Farrell (DMTC) and Major Ricky Schmidt discuss about the importance of industry, science and researchers coming together to solve Defence’s most pressing needs. And industry and science representatives, UQ’s Professor Trent Munro from Microba, Professor Jia-Yee Lee from University of Melbourne, Paul Davies from Abbott and Dr Andy Shepherd from CSIRO share their insights.

If you are interested in being part of the SABRE Alliance, please email us.

SABRE Mission:

To create a sustainable and dynamic alliance between academia, industry, and Defence and National Security sectors that leverages biotechnology advancements, fosters talent, and accelerates the translation of breakthroughs into real-world applications for a safer and more prosperous Australia.

Areas of interest:

  • Synthetic biology, genomics and bioinformatics
  • Human performance and decision-making
  • Agriculture and biosecurity

SABRE Alliance Partners: