University of Melbourne

Project title: Future Health Today and TorchRecruit: Changing the course of chronic disease

Future Health Today and TorchRecruit will transform chronic disease management and clinical trial recruitment in general practice, with a focus on diabetes, chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease.

Future Health Today applies algorithms to patient data in general practice electronic medical records to identify people who may benefit from diagnostic testing or revised chronic disease management. It also provides clinical decision support at the point of care. TorchRecruit leverages this tailored algorithm technology to identify patients who are eligible to participate in clinical trials. In doing so, it reduces costs and streamlines recruitment.

TTRA funding will used to determine the effectiveness of Future Health Today in optimising diagnosis and management of diabetic kidney disease. It will facilitate an implementation study of TorchRecruit to determine optimal workflow and processes to facilitate efficient clinical trial recruitment. Both are critical steps in moving these programs towards commercialisation and optimising outcomes for people with diabetic kidney disease and chronic disease more broadly.

TTRA Project Round:  One

State:  Victoria

Project Partner:  Western Health


  • TTRA: $749,981
  • Industry Contribution: $997,548.68 cash, $288,189.96 in-kind

Duration:  January 2022 - December 2023

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