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Project Title: Development of the BiVACOR total artificial heart controller for long-term use

The BiVACOR Total Artificial Heart controller (TAH) is an Australian-born innovation and offers new hope to end-stage heart failure patients awaiting or ineligible for heart transplantation.

Heart Failure (HF) is a devastating disease that affects more than 300,000 Australians, and 11 million people in the US and Europe, with an incidence of 1.1 million new cases per year. Without intervention, patients with severe heart failure have a bleak outlook.

Although a heart transplant would meet their needs, more than 90 per cent of heart failure patients are ineligible for transplant and requiring long term circulatory support for survival.

The BiVACOR is a total artificial heart designed to take over the complete function of a patient's failing heart and will provide a lifesaving treatment solution for patients awaiting heart transplantation or for patient's ineligible for a heart transplant.

This project focuses on the development of a long-term controller to power and run the TAH. This controller will allow patient implanted with the BiVACOR TAH to return home and live an improved quality of life.

TTRA Project Round:  Two

State:  Queensland

Project Partner:  University of New South Wales


  • TTRA: $750,000
  • Industry Contribution: $195,431 cash, $1,274,238 in-kind

Duration:  October 2022 – September 2024

Website:  |  LinkedIn: BiVACOR Pty Ltd

Twitter: @bivacor