Cortical Dynamics

Project title: Cortical Dynamics' Brain Anaesthesia Response - Advanced Analytics and Insights

Cortical Dynamics Limited (Cortical) is an Australian medical device technology company that has developed a next generation Brain Function Monitor which is now TGA, CE and Korean MFDS approved.

The core product, the Brain Anaesthesia Response Monitor (BARM™), has been developed with the objective of better detecting the effect of anaesthetic agents on brain activity, aiding anaesthetists in keeping patients optimally anaesthetised and pain-free under general anaesthetic.

BARM™ improves on currently used electroencephalogram technologies used in the Operating Room by incorporating the latest advances of how the brain's rhythmic electrical activity, the electroencephalogram (EEG), is produced. The approach used is fundamentally different from all other devices currently available in the market in that its underlying algorithm produces an EEG index which is directly related to the physiological state of the patient's brain. 

Cortical's technology has a versatility that goes beyond depth of anaesthesia and may be applied to other EEG based markets.

During every use of Cortical's solution, a highly valuable data set is generated which can be a great source to better understand the patterns & generate insights of brain activity under anaesthetic treatments. However, this data is currently not captured in any system to store, compute and further analyse for enhanced decisions.

Cortical will partner with Lorgan, an Australian based award-winning Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning & IoT organisation to implement a rich brain monitoring data lake using their Enigma platform with below key objectives:

  1. Brain Anaesthesia Response Behavioural Data Lake
  2. Exploratory analytics for relevant health care professions to better understand and learn using the insights generated from the past treatments

BMTH Project Round: Four

State: Western Australia

Project Partner: Lorgan Global


  • MTPConnect Grant: $137,000
  • Industry Contribution: $174,762

Duration: May 2022 - October 2022

    Website: Cortical Dynamics   |   LinkedIn: Cortical Dynamics   |   Twitter: @CORTICAL10

    Contact: Ashley Zimpel