3DMorphic Pty Ltd

Project title: Personalised spinal surgery for Australians; a clinical trial of 3DMorphic's advanced manufactured patient specific spinal fusion devices

About 4 million, or 1 in 6, Australians are afflicted with back problems. Suffering from back pain leads to significant impacts on quality of life including their ability to work (some 540,000 people have employment restrictions as a consequence). When indicated, spinal fusion surgery can help reduce pain, restore normal function and allow patients to get back to work.

3DMorphic's spinal implants are novel in that they are designed to fit with each patient's spinal anatomy and treat their specific pathology. The implants are designed and 3DPrinted in 3DMorphic's Australian advanced manufacturing facility.

The implants work by restoring the patient's normal space and angle between spinal segments. Immobilisation of the diseased spinal joint through this treatment prevents 'pinching' of nerves and encourages bone fusion, leading to long term stabilisation and relief from clinical symptoms.

The project aims to provide clinical and cost evidence that 3DMorphic's patient specific spinal devices deliver better outcomes to patients, health care providers and payers than traditional 'off-the-shelf' alternatives. The trial will also show that the technology is applicable to the mass market.

In this way, the MTPConnect BioMedTech Horizons clinical trial of 3DMorphic's patient specific spinal devices will be a landmark study in the new era of personalised health care.

BMTH Project Round: Four

State: NSW

Project Partners: n/a


  • MTPConnect grant: $800,000
  • Industry contribution: $955,466

Duration: September 2021 - March 2023

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