ResusRight Pty Ltd

Project title: Development of a novel ventilation monitoring system for neonatal resuscitation

ResusRight is developing a resuscitation monitoring device to assist with the resuscitation of neonates at birth.

Each year around 10 million babies globally require positive pressure ventilation (PPV) at birth to begin breathing. In Australia, around 17,000 babies needed PPV in 2018 to begin breathing after birth. Excessive gas volumes delivered during resuscitation can lead to acute lung injury and life-threatening lung collapse (pneumothorax in 1% of newborns) or lifelong lung damage in preterm babies (60% of very preterm newborns). Insufficient volumes can result in asphyxia. Despite these outcomes, gas volumes and mask leak are not routinely measured during resuscitation. 

ResusRight has developed a monitor that connects to existing resuscitation equipment and provides feedback to the clinician on the quality of ventilation. This allows the clinician to optimise support for each infant to minimise any mortality or morbidities that are associated with manual ventilation.

The BioMedTech Horizons project will assist in the development and commercialisation of the 'Juno' monitor by funding production, verification and validation of an advanced clinical prototype. A clinical study will be undertaken to evaluate the feasibility and early-stage efficacy data of the device in its intended use scenario, positioning the device for the next stage of commercialization to address the clinical need for better resuscitation.

BMTH Project Round: Four

State: New South Wales

Project Partners: 

  • Manufacturing partner: CircuitWise Electronics
  • Research Partner: Westmead Hospital


  • MTPConnect Grant: $800,000
  • Industry Contribution: $860,344

Duration: September 2021 - May 2023

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