VitalTrace Pty Ltd

Project title: Development of a precision real-time fetal biosensor for the prevention of stillbirth and fetal complications during childbirth

VitalTrace was founded to improve the safety for  mothers and babies during childbirth, some of our youngest and most vulnerable patients. We are passionate about eliminating the unnecessary health, psychological and economic burdens from inaccurate childbirth monitoring.

A critical unmet need is that there is still no source of real-time, reliable data about babies' oxygenation and wellbeing during childbirth. The current standard of care is widely recognised, including by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetrics and other authorities to be inaccurate and prone to subjective interpretation. This has serious consequences. In rare but serious cases, this leads to missed diagnoses, leading to possible lifelong brain damage in babies. Secondly, each year, emergency c-sections are performed on thousands of healthy mothers and babies because of a 50% false positive rate associated with CTG monitoring. 

Reliable information about oxygenation is typically only possible through traditional blood sampling diagnostics: a time-intensive, invasive fetal blood test and a lab-based result. This project will advance development of a highly accurate wireless biosensor that leapfrogs this process. The device is encapsulated in a minimalist wearable device that preserves the natural flow of labour.

VitalTrace's technology is being developed as a fit-for-purpose device to be manufactured in Australia at scale for a global market.

BMTH Project Round: Four

State: Western Australia

Project Partners: 

  • Manufacturing partner: Spectro Industries Pty Ltd
  • Research Partner: University of Western Australia


  • MTPConnect Grant: $800,000
  • Industry Contribution: $1,123,629

Duration: October 2021 - March 2023

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