Clinical Translation and Commercialisation Medtech Program

The Clinical Translation and Commercialisation Medtech (CTCM) program, delivered by MTPConnect, is offered under the 2020 Early Stage Translation and Commercialisation Support Grant of the Medical Research Future Fund's Medical Research Commercialisation Initiative. 

The $19.75 million program will identify and nurture high-quality medical device projects that have commercial potential and support their translation through early clinical trials.  The program is focused on Australian small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and aims to boost commercialisation of home-grown medical products.

Projects must focus on the development of a medical device for human use, the purpose of which is to diagnose, prevent, monitor, treat or alleviate a disease or injury, or modify or monitor anatomy or physiological functions of the body. Funding will only be awarded to projects where the device’s capability has already been validated with research and/or preclinical studies.

By providing funding of between $250,000 and $1.5 million per project across two funding rounds (FY2022 and FY2023), the CTCM Program will:

  • Deliver consultation and commercialisation advice to guide project development and assessment
  • Facilitate access to broader NCRIS and other critical engineering, fabrication and prototyping facilities to accelerate translation of early-stage discoveries
  • Emphasise collaboration, partnering and consultation to nurture the next generation of health and medical research innovators and provide ongoing SME education
  • Employ a process of continuous evaluation, based on established commercial principles, to optimise the potential for project success and maximise return on investment.

By supporting the development of innovative medical devices, the CTCM program aims to improve the health and wellbeing of Australians, while also helping projects to generate commercial returns and create high-paying jobs in the medical products sector.

MTPConnect is delivering the program in partnership with our highly esteemed medical technology commercialisation, education and infrastructure partners: Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA), Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP), Cicada Innovations, the BridgeTech Program and Therapeutic Innovation Australia (TIA).  

CTCM Round 1 Funding:

Round 1 funding was announced in October 2022:  Read the announcement.

Further information about CTCM Round 1 projects.

CTCM Round 2 Funding:

Round 2 funding was announced on 24 July 2023: Read the announcement.

Further information about CTCM Round 2 projects.

For more information or any queries, contact the CTCM team by email:

Our Partners


Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA)

MTAA is the national association representing companies in the medical technology industry. Its members provide most non-pharmaceutical products used in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and management of disease and disability in Australia. As the voice of the medical technology industry in Australia, MTAA works to ensure patient access to state-of-the-art technologies. By fostering collaborations between researchers, industry, end-users and government to develop novel medical devices with global market potential, MTAA forms an essential link between clinical need and knowledge with technical expertise and industry know how.  MTAA is also a valued partner in MTPConnect’s BioMedTech Horizons (BMTH) program delivered on behalf of the Medical Research Future Fund.

Visit MTAA for more information   |   Twitter: @MedTechAus   |   LinkedIn: Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA)


Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP)

MDPP is an ideas incubator driving entrepreneurial culture within the medical technology sector. MDPP fosters collaborations between researchers, industry, end-users and government and develops novel medical devices with global market potential. 

MDPP is a national initiative working closely with more than 30 partners across Australia. Since establishment, MDPP has assessed over 1,000 ideas for new medical and assistive technologies. The program has facilitated nearly 200 ideation workshops, completed more than 100 R&D projects for medical technology companies and provided manufacturing, partnering and new long-term commercial opportunities to over 30 manufacturers.

MDPP is also a partner with MTPConnect on three programs supported by the Medical Research Future Fund: the Biomedical Translation Bridge (BTB) Program, the Targeted Translation Research Accelerator (TTRA) Program and the Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry (REDI) initiative.

Visit MDPP for more information   |   Twitter: @mdpprogram   |   LinkedIn: MDPP


Cicada Innovations

Cicada Innovations is the home of deep tech in Australia, with a twenty-year track record of developing deep tech ventures tackling some of the world’s most pressing problems. Cicada Innovations support their deep tech ventures and innovators with cutting-edge labs, access to mentors and experts, commercialisation training, and a cohort of ambitious peers. By connecting a growing community of entrepreneurs, policymakers, researchers and the public, Cicada’s mission is to make Australia a leader in deep technology. Since inception, Cicada has seen an unprecedented $1.2bn in exits from six deep tech ventures in the last two decades. They’ve helped over 300 companies to raise more than $900m in funding, twice been awarded ‘Top Incubator in the World’ by InBIA, and delivered commercialisation training to thousands working in science & technology.

Visit Cicada Innovations for more information   |   Twitter: @CicadaInnov   |   LinkedIn: Cicada Innovations   |   Instagram: @cicadainnovations


The BridgeTech Program (Queensland University of Technology)

The BridgeTech Program, facilitated and hosted by Queensland University of Technology (QUT), is an industry-focussed nation-wide collaborative commercialisation training program for the medical technology-medical devices sector. Working in collaboration with 20 university and industry sector partners, the BridgeTech Program selects up to 80 participants annually to focus on training for the medical technology, devices and diagnostic industries with a view to improving the skills and capabilities of Australia’s life science entrepreneurs, researchers and scientists to improve the quality and quantity of commercial deals and deepen collaboration between Australian researchers and the relevant industry sectors. The BridgeTech program is also a valued partner in MTPConnect's Biomedical Translation Bridge Program and the Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry (REDI) initiative, both delivered on behalf of the Medical Research Future Fund.

Visit the BridgeTech Program for more information   |   Twitter: @BridgeTech_   |   LinkedIn: BridgeTech Program


Therapeutic Innovation Australia (TIA) and the NCRIS network

Established in 2008, Therapeutic Innovation Australia (TIA) is the lead agent for the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) "Therapeutic Innovation Australia" project funded by the Australian Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

TIA supports national research infrastructure to develop novel medical products including biologic drugs, small molecules, vaccines, cell & gene therapies and RNA products. For the CTCM program, TIA provides a way into the broader NCRIS network, including relevant projects such as the Australian National Fabrication Facility, the National Imaging Facility and others.

Visit TIA for more information   |   Twitter: @TIA_Aust   |   LinkedIn: Therapeutic Innovation Australia