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Project title: ARIA Non-Invasive Bionic Vision System Pilot Clinical Trial

ARIA is the world's first commercially scalable Non-Invasive Bionic Vision System intended to meet the needs of 338 million people globally. The device facilitates agency and independence for blind and low vision people by providing functional vision via sound. ARIA is a non-surgical, lightweight, attractive all-day device.

ARIA's first blind user, Marx Melencio, said: “ARIA is a game-changer. I can now go to a new place glance around and immediately envision the layout of the environment and the objects and people in it.”

This project will fund preparations for, and execution of, a pilot clinical trial developed in partnership with the NDIS. The project will support the engagement of a CRO, the design and manufacture of a revised ARIA prototype, development of clinical trial protocol and execution of the pilot. The pilot will be conducted with a small cohort of blind people to validate core medical claims and associated end points covering the utility, effectiveness and safety of the device.

This project will provide the necessary groundwork, knowledge and validation to advance to a pivotal clinical trial involving full-service delivery funded via NDIS plan participants to understand the clinical service delivery and the needs of the end-users and payer.

CEO of ARIA Research Robert Yearsley said: "The backing of MTPConnect via the CTCM program will help ARIA scale-up the development of this potentially life changing technology. The commercialisation focus of CTCM is a great fit for ARIA, with resources to support collaboration with the NDIS to validate real world potential of the technology, and by extension, lay the groundwork for a multi-billion-dollar global health economic business case for technology."

CTCM Project Round: One

State: New South Wales

Project Partner:

  • NDIS


  • CTCM Grant: $1,500,000
  • Industry Contribution: $1,934,817

Duration: November 2022 – October 2024

Website: ARIA Research Pty Ltd | LinkedIn: ARIA Research Co-Founder and CEO, Robert Yearsley

Twitter: @ariaresearchau